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RUTHMANN “T 235 A” deployed at wind energy facilities

Onshore wind turbines – located in the countryside – are constantly exposed to every type of weather condition imaginable.  Maintenance and repair work must therefore be carried out from time to time. This is especially true for the thousands of “first generation” turbines in operation across around the world. These wind turbines have a hub height to 229 ft. With the new RUTHMANN T 235 A, wind energy operators now have a very powerful work platform to service their older turbines with utmost efficiency.

In 2013, there were a total of 45,125¹ wind turbines operating in the United States. The turbines produced 60² megawatts of energy – or 3.5 % of the nation’s total energy consumption. Only China (53,764 wind turbines) has an even greater number of installations. Wind power generates 3.3% of worldwide electricity usage.

Wind turbine efficiency has increased significantly over the years. The hub height is now 377 ft on average. Most of the older turbines built between 1990 and 2005 have hub heights ranging between 99 ft and 229 ft.  According to industry experts³, there are approx. 7,000 of these older wind turbines operating across the United States.  Because of their age, they have had maximum exposure to adverse weather conditions.  As a result, repair and maintenance work has increased considerably.  A high performance aerial work platform with a 235 ft working height, mounted on a standard truck chassis, is needed to carry out the necessary assignments with the greatest degree of safety and efficiency. The RUTHMANN T 235 A is the perfect work platform for this challenging task.

The German rental company, Gerken GmbH, documented the safety and operational efficiency of the RUTHMANN T 235 A while working on a wind turbine with a hub height of 229 ft m in Germany.

"Maximum performance capabilities, stability and agility are necessary when working on wind turbines”, says Andreas Schmitz.
Mr. Schmitz – an employee of Gerken GmbH – uses the RUTHMANN T 235 A on a daily basis. “The RUTHMANN T 235 A is perfect for this kind of assignment. The amazing performance capabilities allow us to reach all sides of the wind turbine without any degree of difficulty.”

The top model in RUTHMANN’s / TIME’s popular HEIGHT performance-series, with its innovative boom technology, satisfies all customer needs and requirements. High-strength, fine-grained steel and multi-bevelled fabrication techniques reduce weight and maximize stability. The innovative boom system on this model provides maximum agility. It features a 5-section telescoping lower boom, a 3-section telescoping upper boom and a 180° swivelling jib (RÜSSEL ®).

The RUTHMANN T 235 A features a work cage with a 1,323 lbs load capacity for extra tools and material. The inside area of the work cage is almost 40 sq. ft. in size - room enough for the service technician, work platform operator, and all of the necessary tools and equipment. These are decisive advantages, of course. Climbers are only able to take along a very limited amount of tools and material at a time. Erecting a scaffold, on the other hand, is an expensive and time-consuming procedure.

“When working on wind turbines, a great deal of sensitivity is required. The wind turbine is out of service during these modifications, but the technician must still be brought as close as possible to the desired location.

For assignments such as these, it is important that the controls of the work platform are easy to use and very precise. Even on windy days like today, the RUTHMANN T 235 A is absolutely perfect for this job”, Mr. Schmitz explains.

“Large-scale machinery made by other manufacturers is not nearly as versatile”, says Mr. Gerken. The light overall weight of the T 235 A and the innovative boom system make the real difference”. We have now been using the RUTHMANN HEIGHT performance-model T 235 A since May, 2013. The amazing agility of this work platform can be seen time and again in a great variety of assignments including installation work at mobile communication towers, stage assembly/disassembly for special events, and maintenance work on tall buildings. The RUTHMANN T 235 A has even been deployed at the Reichstag in Berlin (the capital of Germany). Our customers are more than satisfied.”

Gerken GmbH is one of the leading rental companies for truck-mounted aerial work platforms in Europe. The rental fleet consists of more than 4,200 machines and includes a broad range of special and large-scale 196 ft m work platforms – 16 of which are RUTHMANN HEIGHT performance-models. To learn more about Gerken, visit

The T 235 A is a truck-mounted aerial work platform in the internationally acclaimed HEIGHT performance-series designed by RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG, the well-known German aerial work platform manufacturer. In addition to the T 235 A  RUTHMANN's / TIME’s highly successful HEIGHT performance-series include the models T 125 A, T 150 A, T 175 A and T 205 A. The series was developed in cooperation with the TIME Manufacturing Company of Waco Texas on the basis of customers needs.

RUTHMANN has now sold more than 100 HEIGHT performance-models to customers around the world even though the series has only been on the market since the spring of 2012.

TIME Manufacturing Company of Waco Texas is – together with it´s strong network – the distribution and after-sales-service partner for RUTHMANN products in Northern America. RUTHMANN HEIGHT performance-models are available for demonstration.

Contact information:
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P.O. Box 20368
Waco, Texas 76702-0368

Phone: 254-399-2100
Toll Free: 800-825-1085


1 Source: Status of onshore wind energy development in Germany – Deutsche WindGuard GmbH
2 Source: 2012 Annual Report - IEA Wind
3 Fraunhofer IWES - Wind Energy Research Association

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