use the benefits of first class German engineering

discover the benefits of the HEIGHT performance range

Advantage #1

Extended boom unlocks new working-area dimensions

Advantage #2

Extended jib with increased agility opens up new dimensions in versatility

Advantage #3

Roomy working cage

Advantage #4

RUTHMANN “Material winch” or "Lift-Up System"

Advantage #5

diverse truck brands

Advantage #6

Multifunctional support control for maximum efficiency

Advantage #7

State-of-the-art, multi-bevelled boom technology

Advantage #8

Solid performance even BELOW GROUND


An outstanding long telescoping upper boom

  • Greater over/ behind operational capabilities
  • Better performance when working below ground (to 24‘-7“)
  • Increased lateral reach

Roomy, solid, and convenient working cage

  • 2 X 90° cage rotation
  • Hydraulically-extendable standard cage

Load moment indicator (LMI)

  • Optimized lateral reach in all directions
  • Fully-variable support system (all four outriggers are individually
  • controlled) with automatic allocation at the job-site


  • All popular makes
  • All types of cabs

Jib (RÜSSEL®) has 180° swivel range

  • Movable jib for enhanced agility

Increased working cage load capacity

  • To 1,323 lbs
  • Wide range of accessories includes RUTHMANN „Material winch“ or "Lift-Up System" for convenient loading/ lifting of objects

Optimized height to weight ratio

  • Lighter with greater efficiency and agility.
  • Greater lateral reach on a compact unit
  • Less support load/pressure on weight-sensitive surfaces

Compact design

  • Increased mobility in traffic
  • Access to areas (backstreets, passageways) that had previously been inaccessible
Special Features
  • 1,323 lbs cage load capacity.
  • Telescoping main and upper boom with movable jib (RÜSSEL®)
    made of high-strength steel.
  • Generous cable carrier with ample room for additional cables
    and hoses.
  • All aerial work platforms in the HEIGHT performance-series
    are made to accommodate economical base vehicles in their
  • Four-wheel drive trucks are available for all models in the
    HEIGHT performance-series.
  • One of the best working height/total weight ratios in the
  • Compact and agile design, for reduced height in travel position,
    the upper boom and main boom are placed side by side.
  • For shorter length in travel position, the working cage is stored
    behind the driver’s cab.
  • Load moment indicator (LMI) for maximum utilization of work
  • Hydraulic telescoping working cage (to 12‘-6“).
    Fully adjustable horizontal/vertical support mechanism with
    good leveling capacity.
  • Automatic, remote control stabilizing/leveling at the job site.
  • Accurate, sensitive, and quick control of boom movements
    through RUTHMANN’s own control system.
  • Main control panel in working cage, secondary and outrigger
    control at the rear of both sides of the vehicle for visual monitoring
    of support procedure. All control panels are backlit and
    weather resistant.
  • Displays on the main control panel in the working cage and
    secondary/emergency control panels on the chassis provide
    all key operational data (height, lateral reach, cage load, and
    error code).
  • Variable working cage load with real time display of current
  • 180° swivel range of jib (RÜSSEL®).
  • Information and fault diagnosis system
  • Emergency lowering device: electrically from the working cage
    and hydraulically/mechanically from the chassis.
  • Four outrigger pads with brackets.
  • Engine start/shut-off from all control panels.

Great Variety of Chassis

Application & Possibilities

  • RUTHMANN T 175A working on a wind turbine blade
  • RUTHMANN T 175A working on a wind turbine blade
  • RUTHMANN T 175A working on a wind turbine blade
  • RUTHMANN T 175A working on a wind turbine blade
  • RUTHMANN T175A on radio mast
  • RUTHMANN T 235A on radio mast
  • RUTHMANN T 235A on radio mast
  • RUTHMANN T 235A on radio mast
  • RUTHMANN T 235A on radio mast
  • RUTHMANN T 235A on radio mast


  • Working height 108 ft
  • Horizontal reach 69 ft
  • Below CDL at 24,900 lbs
  • The new dimension of access
  • flexibility in Nothern America


  • No CDL - drive with regular US driver´s license
  • Width in travel posistion 8 ft 3 in
  • Max. outrigger width only 12 ft 5 in - only one side blocked
  • Weight 24,900 lbs


  • Working height 108 ft
  • Horizontal reach 69 ft
  • Basket size 67 x 34 inch
  • Jib rotation 185°
  • Turret rotation 500° (2 x 250°)
  • Basket load capacity 700 lbs
  • Basket rotation 2 x 90°
  • Set up inclination 5°
  • Easy basket entry
  • Auto outrigger setting and leveling


  • Chosen for its durability
  • Chosen for its extensive service network nationwide
  • Powered with 6.7 liter Power Stroke Diesel
  • 6 speed automatic transmission
  • Very well-known and proven in North America
  • Compact and easy to drive
  • No CDL


  • Reduced logistic effort
  • Fast set-up time
  • High mobility
  • Longer outreach in comparison to other access segments
    Small outrigger foot print, including variable positioning and auto leveling system
  • Self drive unit - no CDL required
  • Eliminates a second driver


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Ruthmann North America is excited to announce our 2019 Ruthmann North American Drive and Fly Truck Mounted Aerial Demo Tour.

Ruthmann builds ANSI A92.2 compliant truck mounted aerials in working heights of 93’ (28.5m) to 295’ (90 m). This year’s tour will focus on our non-CDL products including our T108A, 108’ (33m) and Tu93A, 93’ (28.5m) aerials.

The T108A and the Tu93A both have gross vehicle weight ratings of less than 26,000 pounds so the driver is not required under US Federal law to possess a Commercial Driver’s license.

Contact Richard Carr, richard.carr@ruthmann.us (813) 580-1959 for information or to set up a demo at your location.

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Richard Carr Joins Ruthmann North America

Ruthmann North America LP is excited to announce the addition of Richard Carr to our North American sales team. Richard will use his sales background to sell all heights, up to 295’ (90 m), of Ruthmann’s truck mounted aerial platforms in the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

Richard will initially focus on expanding the market share of Ruthmann’s 93’ (28.5 m) and 108’ (33m) units.  The TU93 and T108A have GVW ratings of less than 26,000 pounds so they provide a non-CDL option for customers who need the speed and flexibility of a truck mounted lift but don’t want to have the administrative burden of commercial driver’s license compliance.

Tom Goyer, Vice President of Ruthmann North America LP, said about Richard and his new role, “We are excited to expand our North American sales team with Richard's passion and energy. His consultative sales approach will work well in the market and will help the customers purchase the most appropriate Ruthmann aerial.”  

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bauma 2019

Visit us at bauma - Munich, Germany - April 8th - April 14th, 2019 

North American customers interested in Ruthmann products who are planning to attend bauma please contact Tom Goyer  at 513-678-8101  or tom.goyer@ruthmann.us

Event Details

ICUEE 2019

ICUEE 2019

Visit us at ICUEE - Louisville, Kentucky, USA -  October 1 through October 3, 2019!

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Visit us at CONEXPO - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - April 8th - April 14th, 2020

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aerial platform truck mount specialist since 1954


Over 12,000 aerial work platforms in use around the world. More than 230 "Height perfomance"-units sold worldwide.


More than 38 different models to choose from with working heights from 36 – 328 ft.

Unique Technology:

The unique movable jib (RÜSSEL®) provides increased agility and the outstanding long upper boom unlocks exciting new work area dimensions.

Wide range of equipment options:

With approx. 200 additional features to choose from, all models can be equipped to suit your individual needs.