The first Eagle has landed in New York

by Alexandra Schawohl

The first RUTHMANN EAGLE T 108 goes to Upgrade Services – the well-known, professional cleaning company based in New York, USA.

EAGLE T 108 A Upgrade Services

During a roadshow conducted in eastern USA in June 2017, we were able to explain our innovative concept and many benefits to a large number of interested work platform professionals. Upgrade Services seized the opportunity and purchased the very first EAGLE T 108 A. The EAGLE can be driven to the jobsite by anyone with a valid automobile driver’s license. This saves valuable time and cuts costs compared to articulated/telescopic boom lifts that had been used previously. Staff can now easily move from one job location to another. Depending on the surrounding conditions, they can then quickly stabilize the work platform and safely carry out their cleaning tasks with utmost speed and efficiency.

The EAGLE 108 A is now in full operation at Upgrade Service. The first photos of this magnificent boom truck in action are already available. Because this model can be driven by anyone with a valid automobile driver’s license, cleaning assignments can be carried out far more efficiently.

The “Revolution” in the USA has officially begun. With their amazing versatility and benefits, our state-of-the-art EAGLE models are destined to take the American work platform industry by storm.

The RUTHMANN EAGLE T 108 A is especially designed for the North American market. It is the ideal work platform for professionals requiring a 100+ ft. (> 30 m) working height. The EAGLE T 108 A can be driven by anyone with a valid automobile driver’s license because it weighs just 24,900 lbs. (11,000 kg approx.). A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is therefore not required. This innovative boom truck is the result of a collaborative effort between Reachmaster – our Texas-based business partner – and us.

The new EAGLE features a working height of 108 ft. (approx. 33 m), lateral outreach of 69 ft. (approx. 21 m), and 700 lb. (approx. 320 kg) basket load capacity. The work platform, which evolved from RUTHMANN’s popular and prize-winning STEIGER T 330* model, has a telescoping boom with jib (RÜSSEL® ). The STEIGER® platform (base frame, stabilizers, and boom system) is shipped directly from our factory in Germany to Reachmaster in Texas. There, the kit is mounted onto a popular Ford F 650 chassis. The Ford F 650 is powered by a 6.7- liter power-stroke diesel motor and has a 6-gear automatic transmission.

Upgrade Services has announced the arrival of its newest addition and lists the EAGLE’s many application possibilities on the company’s website. To learn more, visit

*IAPA Award Winner in 2012

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