Blade Platforms United States relies on HEIGHT performance-model

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Our American sales and service partners TIME sold a RUTHMANN T 175 A - mounted on a 4-axle Freightliner - to the American working platform rental company Blade Platforms. The professional truck-mounted platform is used primarily for maintenance works of wind turbines, carried out by Blade's own employees, alongside rental deployment.

Ultimately, the Blade employees themselves gained such a positive impression of our working platform of a leased T 175 A during their work assignments, which now led to the purchase.


For operations of wind turbines a very high stability, flexibility and maximum performance data are demanded by a truck-mounted platform. These parameters are met with flying colors by the RUTHMANN T 175 A. As with the other models of our HEIGHT performance-series, the largest customer benefit with the T 175 A as well is the long outreach of the upper boom - in a very large working height.

Furthermore, this truck-mounted platform scores with a working basket load capacity of up to 600 kg, so that the ‘additional lifting’ of tools and material is no problem for the RUTHMANN T 175 A. And the 3.7 m² large working basket surface offers enough space for one or more craftsmen, the working platform operator and the required working material as well for their tools. These are decisive advantages compared to climbers who can take only very limited tools and materials on the rope. Alternatively, the scaffolding of a wind power plant is often economically inefficient.

The RUTHMANN T 175 A is part of a comprehensive short-medium term Blade market strategy as the Rental Division of our partner time has rented another RUTHMANN T 175 A (on 3-axle Freightliner) to Blade Platforms.

Blade Platforms provides truck-mounted working platforms with a working height of 54 m to 103 m for rent in throughout North America. More information about Blade Platforms can be found at:

Safe working on 3.7 square meters - currently the largest working basket in the industry - 3.82 m x 0.97 m - allows craftsmen or technicians comfortable working at dizzy heights. And the 600 kg working basket load can carry even heavy material to the site.

The RUTHMANN T 175 A corresponds to our HEIGHT performance-STEIGER ® T 540. Before the mounting works took place, the stage construction had been specially adapted for the North American market.

So it fulfills, for example, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards which are valid in North America.

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