Conversion widens application range of the TTS 1000 in the USA

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In mid-2010, Our STEIGER® TTS 1000 was sold to Abilene High Lift Aerial in USA. With its impressive 100.4 m working height and 40 m lateral outreach, our STEIGER® TTS 1000 (built in 2001) is still one of the most powerful and capable work platforms in the world.

To enhance the application range of this extremely well maintained work platform in the USA, the TTS 1000 has now undergone a "Jeep solution” conversion.  With the "Jeep solution”, the weight of the 88 ton work platform is distributed onto two additional axles. This reduces the axle load, which is a major advantage in the USA because axle load weight restrictions vary from state to state.

Following the “Jeep” conversion, Steve Roth (owner of Abilene High Lift Aerial) will be able to operate his flagship model in 44 out of 50 states in the USA.

The conversion was carried out in close cooperation with our American partner – the TIME Manufacturing Company.

The “Jeep solution” conversion allows Steve Roth of Abilene High Lift Aerial to operate his TTS 1000 in 44 states across the USA. The additional small, 2-axle, semi-trailer (behind the truck and in front of the STEIGER® trailer) reduces the axle load significantly.

To learn more about Abilene High Lift Aerial and their amazing TTS 1000 work platform, visit

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Note: Our North American business partner – TIME Manufacturing Company based in Waco, Texas – is one of the largest aerial lift manufacturers in the world.  In addition to our truck-mounted aerial work platforms, TIME platforms are also available under the Condor and Versalift brand names. To learn more about TIME in North America, visit

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