Ruthmann North America Announces 2019 Truck Mounted Aerial Drive and Fly Demo Tour

by Tom Goyer (comments: 0)

Ruthmann North America is excited to announce our 2019 Ruthmann North American Drive and Fly Truck Mounted Aerial Demo Tour.

Ruthmann builds ANSI A92.2 compliant truck mounted aerials in working heights of 93’ (28.5m) to 295’ (90 m). This year’s tour will focus on our non-CDL products including our T108A, 108’ (33m) and Tu93A, 93’ (28.5m) aerials. According to Ruthmann’s Richard Carr, who will be conducting the tour, “The best way to understand the safety and efficiency benefits of Ruthmann truck mounted aerial work platforms is to operate the units.” The tour will include parking lot demos but also, in some cases, actual job site work. Ruthmann will allow select customers to use the product on their job site for a day to experience the benefits of the Ruthmann aerials in real world work.

The T108A and the Tu93A both have gross vehicle weight ratings of less than 26,000 pounds so the driver is not required under US Federal law to possess a Commercial Driver’s license. Ruthmann has been able to achieve this low weight and still provide platform capacities of up to 700 pounds (300 kg) and outreach of up to 69’ (21 m) through the use of high strength to weight ratio steel and an innovative boom design.

Contact Richard Carr,  813-580-1959 or Tom Goyer  513-678-8101 for information or to set up a demo at your location.

Ruthmann North America LP sells and services ANSI A92.2 complaint versions of the European leading Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG ( ) family of aerial work platforms. Visit us at

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