Ruthmann North America Announces 2019 Truck Mounted Aerial Drive and Fly Demo Tour

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Ruthmann North America is excited to announce our 2019 Ruthmann North American Drive and Fly Truck Mounted Aerial Demo Tour.

Ruthmann builds ANSI A92.2 compliant truck mounted aerials in working heights of 93’ (28.5m) to 295’ (90 m). This year’s tour will focus on our non-CDL products including our T108A, 108’ (33m) and Tu93A, 93’ (28.5m) aerials. According to Ruthmann’s Richard Carr, who will be conducting the tour, “The best way to understand the safety and efficiency benefits of Ruthmann truck mounted aerial work platforms is to operate the units.” The tour will include parking lot demos but also, in some cases, actual job site work. Ruthmann will allow select customers to use the product on their job site for a day to experience the benefits of the Ruthmann aerials in real world work.

The T108A and the Tu93A both have gross vehicle weight ratings of less than 26,000 pounds so the driver is not required under US Federal law to possess a Commercial Driver’s license. Ruthmann has been able to achieve this low weight and still provide platform capacities of up to 700 pounds (300 kg) and outreach of up to 69’ (21 m) through the use of high strength to weight ratio steel and an innovative boom design.

Contact Richard Carr,  813-580-1959 or Tom Goyer  513-678-8101 for information or to set up a demo at your location.

Ruthmann North America LP sells and services ANSI A92.2 complaint versions of the European leading Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG ( ) family of aerial work platforms. Visit us at

Richard Carr Joins Ruthmann North America

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Ruthmann North America LP is excited to announce the addition of Richard Carr to our North American sales team. Richard will use his sales background to sell all heights, up to 295’ (90 m), of Ruthmann’s truck mounted aerial platforms in the US, Canada, and Mexico but he will initially focus on expanding the market share of Ruthmann’s 93’ (28.5 m) and 108’ (33m) units.

The TU93 and T108A have GVW ratings of less than 26,000 pounds so they provide a non-CDL option for customers who need the speed and flexibility of a truck mounted lift but don’t want to have the administrative burden of commercial driver’s license compliance.

Tom Goyer, Vice President of Ruthmann North America LP, said about Richard and his new role, “We are excited to expand our North American sales team with Richard's passion and energy. His consultative sales approach will work well in the market and will help the customers purchase the most appropriate Ruthmann aerial.”

You can contact Richard Carr at (813) 580-1959 or via email at

Ruthmann North America sells and services ANSI A92.2 complaint versions of the European leading Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG ( ) family of aerial work platforms in heights of 93 feet (24.5 m) To 295' (90 m).  Visit us at .

RUTHMANN is expanding to North America

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RUTHMANN, the manufacturer of aerial working platforms from Gescher in Münsterland, Germany, has effective June 01, 2018 established its own subsidiary RUTHMANN North America L.P. to further expand its global growth strategy to also include North America.

RUTHMANN will with this new activity continue to develop its presence in the North American market along with its two long-standing sales and service partners, Time Manufacturing and ReachMaster, Inc.

Uwe Strotmann (General Director of Sales at RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG) has been appointed President of the new company with Rolf Kulawik (Managing Director at RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG) as Executive Vice President, both based in Germany.

Tom Goyer
Tom Goyer, Vice President, Ruthmann North America L.P.

Tom Goyer will take up a new position as Vice President of Sales & Market Development in North America and daily manager of the new company. Tom Goyer is based in Tampa, FL and will conduct his nationwide activities from there. He brings with him an extensive experience in the truck-mounted powered access industry and will be responsible for the strategic development of the Ruthmann truck mounted products in North America.

Rolf Kulawik explains the reasons for this new initiative: “With this step we want to provide more support and focus to our sales and service partners by being closer to the customers. Tom knows the North American market for truck mounted aerial working platforms like the back of his hand and is therefore the ideal candidate for this new important position“.


Time Manufacturing in Waco, TX has been RUTHMANN’s long-time partner for larger truck mounted aerial work platforms, and together the two companies have developed the US market for the well-known RUTHMANN STEIGER® products. A key element has been the process of adapting the German made lifts to conform with ANSI Standards. The SKYBIRD 215l is a result of these efforts and sets a new bench mark in North America for this category.


The SKYBIRD 215 l is a joint development between RUTHMANN and Time Manufacturing.

ReachMaster Logo

ReachMaster. Inc. in Houston, TX has for the past 8 years successfully been and will remain the exclusive importer and distributor in North America of the Ruthmann Bluelift line of compact track-based lifts from Italy.


The RUTHMANN EAGLE T 108 A is a joint development between RUTHMANN and ReachMaster, Inc..

Last year ReachMaster expanded its portfolio of specialty lifts to also include the Ruthmann Eagle T108A, the first truck-mounted 108 ft. lift in the US that can be driven without commercial driver’s license. Ebbe Christensen, President of ReachMaster, Inc.: “The joint development between our companies of the Eagle mid-range truck mounted line has shown there is a niche market for this type of product. We welcome Tom onboard as another great example of RUTHMANN’s commitment to the market. I have known Tom for years, and I know he will be a great asset for us in developing this segment of the truck-mounted market together.” Uwe Strotmann adds that new models are already in the pipe line to expand the Eagle line, which will continue to be both shown on upcoming trade shows as well as promoted on ongoing roadshows.

Tom Goyer is looking forward to his new opportunities and concludes: “The RUTHMANN products fit perfectly in the North American market place. Together with our partners we look forward to offering the best of everything in one, coordinated package: High performance, top quality, and superb service & customer support.   This is what the North American market has been waiting for and I am very excited to be a part of it”.

RUTHMANN T 235 A on a wind turbine in the USA.
RUTHMANN T 235 A on a wind turbine in the USA.

The first Eagle has landed in New York

by Alexandra Schawohl

The first RUTHMANN EAGLE T 108 goes to Upgrade Services – the well-known, professional cleaning company based in New York, USA.

EAGLE T 108 A Upgrade Services

During a roadshow conducted in eastern USA in June 2017, we were able to explain our innovative concept and many benefits to a large number of interested work platform professionals. Upgrade Services seized the opportunity and purchased the very first EAGLE T 108 A. The EAGLE can be driven to the jobsite by anyone with a valid automobile driver’s license. This saves valuable time and cuts costs compared to articulated/telescopic boom lifts that had been used previously. Staff can now easily move from one job location to another. Depending on the surrounding conditions, they can then quickly stabilize the work platform and safely carry out their cleaning tasks with utmost speed and efficiency.

The EAGLE 108 A is now in full operation at Upgrade Service. The first photos of this magnificent boom truck in action are already available. Because this model can be driven by anyone with a valid automobile driver’s license, cleaning assignments can be carried out far more efficiently.

The “Revolution” in the USA has officially begun. With their amazing versatility and benefits, our state-of-the-art EAGLE models are destined to take the American work platform industry by storm.

The RUTHMANN EAGLE T 108 A is especially designed for the North American market. It is the ideal work platform for professionals requiring a 100+ ft. (> 30 m) working height. The EAGLE T 108 A can be driven by anyone with a valid automobile driver’s license because it weighs just 24,900 lbs. (11,000 kg approx.). A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is therefore not required. This innovative boom truck is the result of a collaborative effort between Reachmaster – our Texas-based business partner – and us.

The new EAGLE features a working height of 108 ft. (approx. 33 m), lateral outreach of 69 ft. (approx. 21 m), and 700 lb. (approx. 320 kg) basket load capacity. The work platform, which evolved from RUTHMANN’s popular and prize-winning STEIGER T 330* model, has a telescoping boom with jib (RÜSSEL® ). The STEIGER® platform (base frame, stabilizers, and boom system) is shipped directly from our factory in Germany to Reachmaster in Texas. There, the kit is mounted onto a popular Ford F 650 chassis. The Ford F 650 is powered by a 6.7- liter power-stroke diesel motor and has a 6-gear automatic transmission.

Upgrade Services has announced the arrival of its newest addition and lists the EAGLE’s many application possibilities on the company’s website. To learn more, visit

*IAPA Award Winner in 2012

Blade Platforms United States relies on HEIGHT performance-model

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Our American sales and service partners TIME sold a RUTHMANN T 175 A - mounted on a 4-axle Freightliner - to the American working platform rental company Blade Platforms. The professional truck-mounted platform is used primarily for maintenance works of wind turbines, carried out by Blade's own employees, alongside rental deployment.

Ultimately, the Blade employees themselves gained such a positive impression of our working platform of a leased T 175 A during their work assignments, which now led to the purchase.


For operations of wind turbines a very high stability, flexibility and maximum performance data are demanded by a truck-mounted platform. These parameters are met with flying colors by the RUTHMANN T 175 A. As with the other models of our HEIGHT performance-series, the largest customer benefit with the T 175 A as well is the long outreach of the upper boom - in a very large working height.

Furthermore, this truck-mounted platform scores with a working basket load capacity of up to 600 kg, so that the ‘additional lifting’ of tools and material is no problem for the RUTHMANN T 175 A. And the 3.7 m² large working basket surface offers enough space for one or more craftsmen, the working platform operator and the required working material as well for their tools. These are decisive advantages compared to climbers who can take only very limited tools and materials on the rope. Alternatively, the scaffolding of a wind power plant is often economically inefficient.

The RUTHMANN T 175 A is part of a comprehensive short-medium term Blade market strategy as the Rental Division of our partner time has rented another RUTHMANN T 175 A (on 3-axle Freightliner) to Blade Platforms.

Blade Platforms provides truck-mounted working platforms with a working height of 54 m to 103 m for rent in throughout North America. More information about Blade Platforms can be found at:

Safe working on 3.7 square meters - currently the largest working basket in the industry - 3.82 m x 0.97 m - allows craftsmen or technicians comfortable working at dizzy heights. And the 600 kg working basket load can carry even heavy material to the site.

The RUTHMANN T 175 A corresponds to our HEIGHT performance-STEIGER ® T 540. Before the mounting works took place, the stage construction had been specially adapted for the North American market.

So it fulfills, for example, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards which are valid in North America.

TIME and RUTHMANN provide power

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Skybird 215I is the innovative sensation at ICUEE 2015 in USA.

At this year’s ICUEE (International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition) which took place in Louisville, Kentucky from September 29 – October 1, our collaborative partner – TIME Manufacturing – launched its brand new Skybird 215I. The new truck-mounted aerial work platform, with its 66 m working height, is ideal for assignments on high-voltage power lines. When it comes to fully insulated work platforms, TIME has decades of experience. With the Skybird, TIME relies on the award-winning technology of RUTHMANN’s HEIGHT-performance-series.
Skybird 215I
Skybird 215I A TIME and RUTHMANN creation.

The Skybird is the result of a collaborative effort between TIME and RUTHMANN. For its part, RUTHMANN delivered a kit version* of the STEIGER ® T 720 (known in North America as the RUTHMANN T 235 A). The special feature: the upper boom of this kit comes with an inner-lying telescoping 1.85 m (6 ft.) section. A highly insulated upper boom (made of fibreglass) and work basket – specially developed in the USA by TIME Manufacturing – were then attached to RUTHMANN’s telescoping upper boom. The prototype of the Skybird 215I is mounted on a 6-axle, Freightliner 114SD Twinsteer chassis. With this truck-mounted aerial lift, specially trained workers are able to carry out assignments on high-voltage power lines of up 500 kV without any degree of difficulty.

The Skybird 215I made quite an impression on industry experts at ICUEE 2015. The approx. 66 m (215 ft.) working height and 32 m (105 ft.) lateral outreach (at 100 kg basket load) are two defining characteristics of this fully insulated truck-mounted aerial work platform.

Top performance for assignments on high-voltage power lines
Top performance for assignments on high-voltage power lines

The Skybird features a working height of approx. 66 m and lateral outreach of 32 m. Its telescoping upper boom has incredible reach capacity when working up high. The Skybird able to manoeuvre a

When it comes to working on high-voltage power lines, TIME Manufacturing has years of experience. For this reason, both companies have agreed to market the Skybird globally under TIME’s well known Versalift brand name. Both manufacturers see a huge worldwide potential because regular maintenance and repair work on power lines will minimize electric power disruptions everywhere.

Skybird 215I -  fully insulated work platform
Skybird 215I - fully insulated work platform

* RUTHMANN delivers kit versions (complete work platforms without trucks) to customers around the world. Kit versions are shipped on transport trucks and then mounted onto typical local trucks upon arrival. RUTHMANN specialists are always on location during the handover and assembly to ensure that all of the safety/technical features function properly.

Conversion widens application range of the TTS 1000 in the USA

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In mid-2010, Our STEIGER® TTS 1000 was sold to Abilene High Lift Aerial in USA. With its impressive 100.4 m working height and 40 m lateral outreach, our STEIGER® TTS 1000 (built in 2001) is still one of the most powerful and capable work platforms in the world.

To enhance the application range of this extremely well maintained work platform in the USA, the TTS 1000 has now undergone a "Jeep solution” conversion.  With the "Jeep solution”, the weight of the 88 ton work platform is distributed onto two additional axles. This reduces the axle load, which is a major advantage in the USA because axle load weight restrictions vary from state to state.

Following the “Jeep” conversion, Steve Roth (owner of Abilene High Lift Aerial) will be able to operate his flagship model in 44 out of 50 states in the USA.

The conversion was carried out in close cooperation with our American partner – the TIME Manufacturing Company.

The “Jeep solution” conversion allows Steve Roth of Abilene High Lift Aerial to operate his TTS 1000 in 44 states across the USA. The additional small, 2-axle, semi-trailer (behind the truck and in front of the STEIGER® trailer) reduces the axle load significantly.

To learn more about Abilene High Lift Aerial and their amazing TTS 1000 work platform, visit

We, at RUTHMANN, continuously strive to satisfy the wants and needs of our customers. We believe in constructive, cooperative dialogue, provide professional engineering and the very best in sales and service. Our goal: total customer satisfaction.

Note: Our North American business partner – TIME Manufacturing Company based in Waco, Texas – is one of the largest aerial lift manufacturers in the world.  In addition to our truck-mounted aerial work platforms, TIME platforms are also available under the Condor and Versalift brand names. To learn more about TIME in North America, visit

Now available: Job report - Part 1

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..more job reports will follow to inform you about the performance of our professionell aerial work platforms.

Click here to read the Job Report: RUTHMANN “T 235 A” deployed at wind energy facilities

ALH Awards shortlist: RUTHMANN/Time

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Ruthmann/Time is shortlisted in the category: „Product Innovation – Truck-Mounted Units“ with its innovative Height performance-series.

Especially nominated is the T 175 A. The T 175 A is a truck-mounted aerial work platform in the internationally acclaimed HEIGHT performance-series designed by RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG, the well-known German aerial work platform manufacturer, in cooperation with the TIME Manufacturing Company of Waco Texas. This professional work platform, mounted onto a 4-axle Freightliner truck, scores major points with its exceptional price/performance ratio.

The winners will be announced at during the awards ceremony the evening of Nov. 11, following a day-long conference. There will be selected one winner in each category.

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Impression from ISA

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Two RUTHMANN T 175 A - ready to show

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Next to a 3-axles chassis a RUTHMANN T 175 A is now ready mounted on a 4-axles to showcase.

After the CONEXPO both units will be showcased during a road show provided by TIME Manufactuting company all over the North American territory.

Please contact your TIME dealer for more information!


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RUTHMANN truck mounts now distributed by use (TIME) in North America

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We are proud to annonce that we (TIME Manufacturing Company) are the official dealer of RUTHMANN truck mounted aerial platforms in North America.

More information will follow soon.

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