The most powerful 235 ft machine of the HEIGHT performance range!

Drawing of a RUTHMANN T 235 A mounted on a Freightliner Chassis
Drawing of a RUTHMANN T 235 A mounted as a trailer version

Technical Data RUTHMANN T 235 A

RUTHMANN T 235 A Technical Data
Max. working height 235 ft
Max. lateral reach approx. 124 ft
Max. cage load capacity 1323 lbs
Approx. height in travel posistion* ca. 13' - 5"
Approx. length in travel posistion* ca. 45 ft
Approx. width in travel posistion* ca. 8' - 3"
Approx. total weight 70.500-77.000 lbs

* = depending on make and model of desired truck

RUTHMANN T 235 A is named T 720 outside from Nothern America

Folder RUTHMANN T 235 A

Folder T 235 A (PDF file) (11.3 MiB)

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